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Certificate of Fitness.
(k) Certificate of Fitness(FC)

It is essential that all the Transport (commercial) vehicle has valid Fitness Certificate without which it will be deemed that the registration is invalid. The Fitness Certificate has to be renewed every year.

1. Applicant shall apply in Form C.F.A.

2. R.C, I.C. has to be enclosed.

3. Vehicle has to be produced for inspection.

4. Current tax has to be paid.

5. Valid Pollution Certificate.

6. Permit copy for the Permit covered vehicle.

7. The vehicle shall be produced for inspection at 12.00 noon or 4.00 p.m at the inspection yard of the department.

8. The results of the examination by the Motor Vehicles Inspector (FC) will be announced immediately after examination.

9. Fees are detailed below.

Sl.No. Type of Vehicle Fees.
1. L.M.V. (Passenger/Goods vehicle) Rs.300/-
2. M.M.V. (Passenger/Goods vehicle) Rs.400/-
3. H.M.V. (Passenger/Goods vehicle) Rs.500/-