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Welcome to the Official Website of Transport Department, Government of Puducherry

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Transport DepartmentGovernment of Puducherry
போக்குவரத்து துறை புதுச்சேரி அரசு

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Vission and Mission


Leveraging IT to provide services to Citizens at their doorsteps and faciliating the operators in ease of doing business in a safe reliable, efficient and environment-friendly manner


  • To ensure the safety of citizens using the road network in the UT of Puducherry
  • To promote environment friendly transport services within the UT of Puducherry
  • Road Safety awareness at the Schools and Colleges
  • Capacity Building within the Department in terms of IT and Technology in Transport Sector
  • Integration of different modes of Transport in the State with respect to cost, efficiency and convenience.
  • To provide a fair regulatory framework for the Transport Sector.
  • To provide IT-enabled citizen services in the transportation sector to increase transparency and service delivery quality.
  • To generate revenues for the Transport Sector.