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Welcome to the Official Website of Transport Department, Government of Puducherry

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Transport DepartmentGovernment of Puducherry
போக்குவரத்து துறை புதுச்சேரி அரசு

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New Schemes
  • Introduction of Smart card for Driving Licence and Registration Certificate(Under Process).
  • Introduction of High Security Registration Plates(Under Process).
  • Laying of New Railway line.
    1. Between Karaikal and Nagore.--.(work is in progress)
    2. Between Puducherry and Cuddalore.--- (Since Sanctioned.)
    3. Between Chennai and Cuddalore via Mahabalipuram and Puducherry. --- (Since Sanctioned.)
    4. Between Puducherry and Tindivanam --- (Under reconsideration.)
  • Construction of Transport Complex in Karaikal.(Under Process)