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(a) Permanent Registration.


A vehicle is not to be driven on the road without registration. A dealer will not handover the vehicle to the buyer without registration. The buyer of the vehicle may apply in the prescribed application form (Form No.20) enclosing the following documents:

1. Form 19,20,21,22 and certificate confirming the residence (Copy of the Election Photo I.D./Passport.).

2. Form 60 for Three wheeler and four wheeler. (or) copy of PAN Card.

3. Fees for Registration will be Rs.60/- to Rs.600/- depending upon the category of vehicle.

4. Valid Insurance Cover note.

5. The Registration Certificate (RC book) can be collected from the counter after 10 days.

6. Fees for Registration of Motor Vehicle are detailed below.

Sl.No. Type of Vehicle Fees.
1. Motor –cycle Rs.60/-
2. Invalid carriage. Rs.60/-
3. L.M.V. (car) Rs.200/-
4. L.P.V. Rs.300/-
5. M.M.V. Rs.400/-
6. H.M.V. or H.P.V Rs.600/-
7. Imported Motor Cycle Rs.200/-
8. Imported motor vehicle Rs.800/-