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Duplicate R.C.

1. Applicant shall apply in Form 26.

2. In case of vehicle under Hire Purchase Agreement/Hypothecation shall apply with consent of the Financier in duplicate (Form-)

3. He shall enclose Valid I.C.,

4. Evidence for current tax paid,

5. Chassis pencil print 2 Nos.

6. Specimen signature 2 Nos.

7. If the R.C. is mutilated (or) damaged this R.C. has to be surrendered.

8. In the case of lost, missing certificate issued by police is to be enclosed.

9. Time required for this service is 7 working days.

10. Fees are detailed below.

Sl.No. Type of Vehicle Fees.
1. Motor –cycle Rs.30/-
3. L.M.V.(car) Rs.100/-
4. L.M.V. (Tr.)) Rs.150/-
4. M.M.V. Rs.200/-
5. H.M.V. or H.P.V Rs.300/-