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Additional Endorsement

(c) Additional endorsement of Vehicles in the Driving Licence.

After getting regular Driving Licence, if a person wants to add more class of vehicles, for e.g. a person having two wheeler Licence wants to have Licence for car etc, he has to follow the below mention procedure.

1. Applicant shall apply in LLR as detailed in (a).

2. Apply in Form 8.

3. Enclose valid LLR after completion of 30 days from the date of issue of LLR.

4. Existing original Driving Licence shall be enclosed.

5. Fees is Rs. 250/- paid at department cash counter.

6. Candidate should report at camera room with the cash receipt to capture bio-metric of the applicant.

7. TEST OF COMPETENCE:- Driving Test will be conducted on the day on which FORM-8 is submitted.

8. The vehicle brought for test should exhibit ‘L’ Board ( both front and back side of the vehicle).

  • The result of the test will be informed on the spot.
  • The applicant can get Driving Licence by producing the cash receipt issued while paying the Licence fees.