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Road Safety

Road Safety deals with basic facts such as overtaking, traffic signals, towing, speed limits, the necessary documents to be carried while driving and other such neglected, but imperative points nonetheless.

Some rules to be followed while driving are :

1.Use proper approved seat belts

2.Look before you cross an Unmanned Railway Crossing

3.Dont allow children to play on the road.

4.Polluting vehicles are health hazard - take Pollution Under Control Certificate regularly.

5.Look both sides of the road before crossing it.

6.Keep safe distance between your vehicle and the one that is ahead of you.

7.Vehicles going uphill have the right of the way.

8.Overloaded vehicle endangers not only you but other road users also.

9.Cellular on wheels will be a costly deal.

10.Use dipper while driving at night.

11.Dont mix drinking and driving.

12.Do not jump Red Light.